The gall of the Gaul

The European Patent Office (EPO) has declined to dirty its hands with one of the hottest topics in the IP world.

Not many people would refuse to answer when asked a few questions by a judge. Especially when the judge is Lord Justice Jacob of the Court of Appeal. But Alain Pompidou, president of the EPO, did exactly that.

Jacob had asked the EPO to clarify its position on software patents in his October Macrossan judgment. Five months later, he received an elegant “non” from Pompidou, stretched out to 200-words. See story

Meanwhile, Australian entrepreneur Neal Macrossan, who has been trying to patent his online company-incorporation system for around 600 years, took that as a sign to consider his second appeal to the House of Lords.

The EPO could learn a thing or two from Macrossan’s commitment, but they are probably a bit too busy to take a look just at the moment.