Sics of the worst

A particularly distasteful press release wormed its way into Tulkinghorn Towers last week. Sent on behalf of something called EventWise (note, never Eventwise because, as the release took pains to point out, “when referring to EventWise the company, please use a capital ‘W’ for Wise as this is the company’s registered identity”), it claimed to have “unearthed the need for law firms to invest more time and money towards their social events.”

According to a recent survey of 500 lawyers by “top corporate event agency EventWise”, hard-working, well-off lawyers needed to spend more of their money on… er… corporate events.

Judging by the sample of firms and organisations sent through by Eventwise’s (sorry, EventWise’s) PR company, which included such notable names as Andrew Reeves, Wilmer Hale (sic), LOVELLS (sic again) and the estimable Herber T Smith (Tulkinghorn is not kidding), it wasn’t the lawyers that were under the influence.

The fact that the same press release worked in a reference to the death of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer associate Matthew Courtney to justify its claims, however, is just plain grubby.

Try advertising next time.