Schillings hits the media one more time

Yes, he did it again. Keith Schilling and his eponymous schleb-friendly firm managed to secure a High Court injunction on behalf of none other than fallen pop princess Britney Spears. See story

Toxic to any UK-based gossip reporter, the injunction bans media organisations in this country from printing false allegations about Britney, stemming from leaks regarding her ongoing sojourn in rehab. Heat is going to have to rethink its front page.

An application is pending to get media organisations to divulge their sources of the rehab leaks, so reporters would be crazy to break this injunction, no matter how tempting.

Critics may say that freshly-shorn Britney is overprotected but we think Schillings is becoming a slave 4 any high-profile media spats.

You’ll remember that Schillings’ Simon Smith got the first-ever John Doe injunction in 2003 on behalf of Bloomsbury against anyone daring to publish pages of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ahead of the official release date.

And Schilling is fresh from securing a settlement, on behalf of Kate Winslet, with Grazia magazine for suggesting that the actress had visited a diet doctor.

Is stopping scuttlebutt for the benefit of celebrities just his prerogative?