Manches institutes career road map for aspirational lawyers

Manches is planning to revamp its training by putting in place a structured career road map for young lawyers.

The new plan will measure the development of associates after qualification at three key stages. Manches does not currently have a formal career path for assistants on their way to partnership.

Manches HR head Lynne Harris said: “I want to get a picture of the perfect assistant at three years, six years and just before partnership.

“It’s not rocket science, it’s just not the way we’ve approached training before. It’s been more ad hoc up until now.” The HR group is in the early stages of researching the training plan and is meeting with heads of department to see what they want from their lawyers.

“It’s a tool to make sure the partners are more aware that training is important and is a part of career development,” said Harris. “This idea of a structured road map will give assistants a much clearer idea of what we expect and give them the training to get there.”