A thoroughly absorbing read

Regular readers of Tulkinghorn – and what other kind are there? – will remember his scoop last summer concerning BPP Law School chief executive Peter Crisp, who received two Daschunds from his colleagues to celebrate his civil marriage to long-term partner Jeremy Crouch (‘A Man’s Best Friend’, 31 July 2006).

Readers will be pleased to hear that the ensuing debate about whether Crisp would be allowed to bring the sausage dogs to the office has resolved in canine-friendly fashion. Named Arthur and Henry, the mutts are still being housetrained, but they already have a basket in Crisp’s office for when they finally stop chewing up (or worse) everything they encounter.

Tulkinghorn asked Crisp if the pair were house, or school, trained? “They’re newspaper trained,” he replied. “They particularly like The Lawyer.”

In fact, Crisp later revealed that this esteemed paper’s inherent glossiness made it an inappropriate choice for retaining the cleanliness of Crisp’s office. Something to do with its lack of absorbency… but frankly, by the time the conversation reached that point, Tulkinghorn was out of the door.