Kiwi beaut

Tulkinghorn’s scribes have conducted more than a few strange interviews in their time, the majority of them off-the-record affairs propping up some bar in the midnight hour (which is just off Finsbury Circus, if you don’t know it).

But even Tulkinghorn was taken aback the other day when news reached him of an interview with Olswang head of property Tim Westhead. The unsuspecting hack entered the room to be greeted by Westhead sporting a fresh shiner of a black eye.

“Big weekend?” enquired Tulkinghorn’s scribe politely, envisaging boardroom brawls and already planning how the story could turn The Lawyer into the News of the Screws for one week only. Sadly, it was not to be.

Westhead rather sheepishly revealed he is an exponent in the macho art of white-collar boxing. It turns out he had been smacked in the face with a right hook by his Kiwi trainer.

“When you have a big weekend and you’re a bit tired on a Monday morning, you don’t duck and weave as well as you should,” explained Westhead.

If only that also applied to interviews with lawyers.