Football crazy, Fussball mad

For most lawyers at US firm Morrison & Foerster (MoFo), a football is something you throw. But Tulkinghorn is pleased to see the London lawyers are keeping the true spirit of the game alive. hard work, not hard partying. Tulkinghorn even heard rumours of pre-breakfast meetings. What does that mean then? Cocoa?
And the partners didn’t even get to travel home in style.

Instead, they were forced to fight for the best seats on Easyjet. It all helps keep the costs down. They should be thankful they didn’t have to walk.

The office has created a table football league to last the duration of the World Cup. Hiring a Fussball table is apparently more expensive than buying one, so the firm has splashed out at Argos on a couple of full-size beauties.

But with big US hourly targets to aim for, the tables won’t be staying long. After the World Cup, they will be handed over to homeless charity Crisis. MoFo will be hoping that its lawyers will not be so corrupted by all that leisure time that they would rather go with them than get back to work.