Congress supports Milberg Weiss

Beleaguered plaintiffs’ firm Milberg Weiss Bershad & Schulman has found a powerful ally in the shape of the US Congress following its recent indictment for alleged referral fees.

In a statement released last week and signed by four Democrat congressmen, Congress slams the actions of the US Department of Justice and calls the indictment an attack on the entire plaintiffs’ bar.

It says: “By going after one of the leading firms as an entity, the Administration escalates its war on an industry that champions the ‘little guy’s’ rights and provides the ability to take on abusive corporate giants: the plaintiffs’ bar.” The statement concedes that the Justice Department “is correct to pursue aggressively” firms and lawyers who it believes have broken the law. It adds: “But the alleged transgressions of a few individuals should not provide a cloak for the Bush Administration to tear down one of our nation’s most vigorous protectors of public rights.”

The statement comes almost a month after Milberg Weiss and name partners David Bershad and Steven Schulman were indicted by Los Angeles federal prosecutors for allegedly paying referral fees to named plaintiffs in shareholder lawsuits.