CC hires private jet for England while Aussies drink more

After yesterday’s revelations that Field Fisher Waterhouse just don’t give a damn, Clifford Chance shows that it really cares and takes the prize for showiest client event by far at this World Cup. Forget the big screens and the sausages on sticks, CC’s cunning plan involved hiring – get this – a private jet to get to each of the group matches.

You read that right. A private jet. And not just any private jet. Ever-aware of the photo-opportunities, CC decided to hire one of Alan Sugar’s fleet to take a bunch of clients to Germany. “It works out cheaper than putting everyone up for the night,” protested one partner.

Tulkinghorn will draw a veil over the allegations that funds partner Jason Glover either a) pinned an England flag to his back for the Paraguay game or b) had a St George’s suit made especially for him.

Tulkinghorn can reveal that bullish young private equity star Ian Bagshaw not only helped snare the Macquarie mandate on the ABP bid, but wrongfooted most of his London partners by block-booking seats for the England-Sweden game purely for the clients of his group. Tulkinghorn hears the litigators weren’t too happy. Perhaps they’ll get revenge with sets for Ecuador.

Meanwhile, Tulkinghorn went green and gold crazy last night for the Socceroos. A quick permutation on the BBC’s predictor, and Tulkinghorn has the Socceroos defeating Italy, breezing through the quarters for a date with Argentina in the semi-finals. Could it be too much to ask for an Australia versus England World Cup final?

There’s no shortage of Australians in bars at the best of times, but last night things went a little crazy in your local Walkabout. Spotted dancing and hollering amongst the throng at Temple was Davis Arnold Cooper property partner Chris Baker. The poor man had been ill in bed all week, but dragged himself off the floor to bill the hours yesterday, and promptly headed down to the pub come 5pm. That’s the Australian spirit for you!