Lawyer launches new section

This week The Lawyer launches a new section covering the fastest-changing areas in the profession.

The Lawyer 2 will run every week. It includes a Special Report and a new rotating series, “the manager”.

On a weekly cycle, the manager series will cover initiatives in new media in e-manager; the latest trends and ideas in marketing in marketing manager; the changing world of corporate counsel in in-house manager and the fast-changing world of recruitment and career development in people manager.

The regular manager series will focus on the key business lessons and trends in the separate areas as well as providing commentary and opinion. The series aims to provide lawyers with editorial-led coverage of areas that impact on their businesses.

Sean Brierley, editor-in-chief, says: “The launch of The Lawyer 2 and the manager shows that The Lawyer continues to innovate and add value under the new editorship of Catrin Griffiths.”