It's been a good week for

Death row prisoners in the US. Presidential candidate Al Gore has opened a debate around the death penalty after a study from Columbia University showed that two out of three sentences in capital-case appeals are set aside. In a statement that death row prisoners would probably agree with, Gore said:"If there is a study that shows a large number of mistakes, that has to make you uncomfortable."

Secret Pokemon fans. Lawyers who have to tear themselves away from their Game Boys when they get to the office can now legitimately take toys to work. The Solicitors Family Law Association is recommending that solicitors looking to make children feel at home in their practices should keep a bag of toys in the office.

The bed and breakfast industry. Guest houses around the country could soon have a whole new market to cook a traditional English breakfast for after Lord "must keep an eye on the cost of lawyering" Irvine turned his attention to the £5m bill for judicial lodges. Judges on the court circuit now face looking for vacancies at "alternative forms of accommodation, providing appropriate standards of security, privacy and comfort."