Four New Square pays out to race victim

A London chambers has paid over £40,000 to a receptionist who was the victim of racial harassment.

Senior clerk Lizzie Wiseman of Lincoln's Inn chambers Four New Square confirmed that receptionist Diana Higgins was paid compensation for a racial harassment incident that took place on Friday 26 May.

The unnamed perpetrator of the abuse remains at the chambers but is facing “appropriate disciplinary measures”.

The chambers refuses to divulge the identity of the member of staff or details of the harassment suffered by Mrs Higgins.

However, a statement by chambers director Lizzie Wiseman says: “We are confident that there will be no such incidents in the future.”

“Mrs Diana Higgins was a well-liked and conscientious member of staff, and we deeply regret her departure and in particular the distress that she has been caused.”

A source reveals that the offending remarks were rec-orded on tape and that the unnamed member of staff is a clerk.

Four New Square refuses to comment further.