Nottingham offers joint US diploma

NOTTINGHAM Law School has announced plans to provide a post-graduate diploma in litigation and advocacy through its new Anglo-American partnership with the National Institute for Trial Advocacy in the US.

Described as a “powerful union of two outstanding institutions”, the venture launches NITA (UK), based at Nottingham's Centre for Advanced Litigation.

The sole provider of NITA programmes in Britain, NITA (UK) is led by Nottingham's head of professional development Professor Peter Jones, and Professor John Sonsteng of Minnesota's William Mitchell College of Law.

The body offers a three-year course programme, which will lead to a post-graduate diploma.

Nottingham dean professor Nigel Savage says: “The next stage is to develop our existing programme into an LLM in advanced litigation and arbitration, with an enhanced international dispute resolution element,” he says.

Savage says the new organisation has already signed more than 50 members of the NITA US faculty to assist with the training of UK providers and the delivery of courses.

It has also attracted strong support from the judiciary, the Bar and leading litigation practices in the UK.