Toilet tactics

“We’d love to hire you, but we simply don’t have the toilet capacity for your type,” is unlikely to suffice as a legitimate reason for non-recruitment by an equal opportunities employer. However, that may be the only option if law firms don’t pay close attention to their toilet strategies.

Fortunately for Wedlake Bell, it has been planning its move to plush new Bedford Row offices since 2001 and has covered every eventuality.

As the firm discovered, whether or not to opt for unisex loos is no longer simply a question of just how Ally McBeal you want your firm to become – it can also have a significant bearing on a firm’s recruitment policy.

New health and safety legislation determines precisely the required toilet-to-lawyer ratio. So, opting for unisex toilets provides greater flexibility than preserving separate toilets for both genders, which could restrict the amount of men or women a firm could recruit in the future.

Although now that Tulkinghorn comes to think of it, yet more opportunities for employment lawyers to grab some fees.