Litigation Personal Injury 19/7/99

Jeffrey Martin White v Gregory Mellusco (1999) QBD (Buckley J) 28 June 1999

Claimant: Male, single, 22 years old at date of accident; 28 years old at date of settlement.

Incident: The claimant was injured when he was knocked off his bicycle by a car being driven by the defendant. Liability admitted.

Injuries: The claimant sustained a broken ankle fracture and a grave head injury. At the date of settlement the claimant was continuing to suffer pain and discomfort and was largely wheelchair-bound. Prior to the accident the claimant had learning difficulties and had only limited job prospects. However, as a result of his injuries the claimant's future progress was further set back and he was unable to cope with an independent life.

Award: u950,954 damages (out of court settlement)

Claimant's counsel: Nigel Wilkinson QC

Claimant's solicitor: Barr Ellison (Cambridge)

Michael Cox v Allison Engineering Ltd (1999) QBD (HH Judge Chapman QC) 29 June 1999

Claimant: Male, married, 27 years old at date of accident; 32 years old at date of trial.

Incident: The claimant was injured on premises belonging to the defendant engineering firm by whom he was employed. An unstable test rig collapsed and while attempting to escape the falling rig the claimant fell and wrenched his back in the accident and banged his head.

Injuries: Medical experts gave evidence that the nature of his back injury was such that full recovery was estimated to be six months. However, the claimant continued to suffer pain long after this time. The claimant had been psychologically affected by the accident and felt that his life had been ruined. He suffered clinical depression and had made two suicide attempts. The claimant had not returned to any form of employment since the accident but it was anticipated his condition would improve, enabling him to return to work.

Award: u158,678.69 damages.

Claimant's counsel: Simon Edwards

Claimant's solicitor: E Edwards Son & Noice

Bray v Southend Healthcare Services NHS Trust (1999) QBD (Alliott J) 24 June 1999

Claimant: Male, 21 years old at date of accident; 27 years old at date of trial.

Incident: The claimant was admitted to Southend General Hospital after breaking his leg in a motorcycle accident. He alleged the treatment he received was negligent and exacerbated his injury. Liability disputed.

Injuries: The claimant was left with a stiff left knee, inward rotation of his left foot and a pain in his hip. In addition, the claimant's left leg became 5.5cms shorter. As a result of his leg injury the claimant was unable to sit or stand for long periods. He was able to undertake part-time sedentary work his employment prospects were poor.

Award: u180,000 damages (out of court settlement)

Claimant's counsel: John Fox Claimant's solicitor: Barnes & Taylor

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