Riders on the Storm

High-flying lawyers might appear to be models of discretion and good behaviour, but even the most successful can have a past.

One well-known City lawyer boasts a fling with TV presenter and S&M maestro Jamie Theakston. Another big name has the notch of an even bigger name – Robbie Williams – on her bedpost.

But it falls to the partner at the London office of a major US firm to beat off all these pretenders to the star-sha**ing lawyer throne. Back in the day (as apparently the hepcats say), this 1960s throwback nugget turned big biller spent less time on law and more on definitely unbillable hours hanging around the dressing rooms of the world’s top rock gods. And who is the all-time number one symbol of sex? Jim Morrison, lead singer with The Doors. Morrison apparently succumbed to the then groupie but future heavy hitter’s wiles. Now that’s entertainment.