New Year’s substitutions

As some of you may know, several of Tulkinghorn’s scribes have committed to an alcohol-free January in a post-Christmas toxins purge. What most of you won’t know is that friendly lawyers have been falling over themselves to suggest alternative ways in which the innocent young journalists can get off their boxes. The following are among the most alarming:

  • Snorting the gas canisters that are used to vacuum-seal wine (from an Allen & Overy partner with a keen interest in Chablis).
  • Mainlining Benylin cough medicine (a rather worrying suggestion from a Macfarlanes private equity partner).
  • More snorting (how bizarre) – this time it’s Beechams Cold & Flu remedy followed by a can of Red Bull (from a young corporate star at Linklaters).

Please email any other unusual suggestions to Tulkinghorn as The Lawyer ladies and gentlemen are now gagging for a drink and will frankly consider anything.