A man jailed for life at Leeds Crown Court on 15 December 1995 for the murder of his three-month-old son, must wait to hear whether the House of Lords will entertain his appeal on a legal technicality. Stephen Leslie Woollin failed in an appeal to the Court of Appeal on 23 July 1996. But, in dismissing his appeal, Lord Justice Roch, Mr Justice Collins and Judge Myerson certified a question of law raised by the case. Now Lords Browne-Wilkinson, Steyn and Hoffman have put an application by Woollin for leave to appeal to them against his conviction on legal hold. They have adjourned the application to give the Crown the opportunity to object to Woollin’s appeal moves. One legal question certified by the Court of Appeal, in dismissing Woollin’s appeal queried whether, where there is no direct evidence that a defendant intended to kill or to inflict injury on the victim, it is necessary for the jury to be directed by the judge that they may only infer an intent to do serious injury.