Travers’ high hopes

Could Travers Smith be the City’s healthiest law firm? Each time Tulkinghorn drops into Snow Hill he bumps into some übermensch about to embark on a Marathon des Sables or two.

And now news reaches the decidedly exercise-free Tulkinghorn Towers that two associates, Sam Kay and Russ Lamb, are to climb Everest in March.

Travers has generously provided them with a hard-wearing computer from which they say they will email Tulkinghorn their daily exploits.

But perhaps most interesting is their covert mission to make Everest the pinnacle of Travers’ international strategy. If and when they reach the summit, they plan to add a Travers flag to the ever-growing hillock of junk gracing the world’s highest peak. Tulkinghorn wonders if it features a smiling Chris Carroll?

It would be of little surprise to Tulkinghorn if Kay and Lamb were just doing the climb for the hell of it, but no, apparently there is a good cause: the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust. The pair is hoping to raise a pound per foot climbed, making a target of £29,035.

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