Norton Rose pushes partners to shrink carbon footprints

Norton Rose pushes partners to shrink carbon footprints” />Norton Rose chief executive Peter Martyr has laid down the gauntlet to the firm’s partners, challenging them to reduce their individual carbon footprints by 10 per cent.

Incentives to go carbon-neutral have already been kickstarted, with the firm paying for staff to lease bicycles so long as they use them to cycle between home and work.

However, Martyr said the next stage was to offer partners and support staff guidance on the best ways to “go green”.

“We have an environment committee which is currently looking at the best ways in which we can help staff – at work, but also in their homes – to drop their carbon footprint, be it through giving seminars or more practical advice,” said Martyr.

The drive comes after The Lawyer revealed (5 February) that Norton Rose itself will become carbon-neutral once it moves into its new offices in the summer.

Martyr added: “Of course, when it comes to individuals, the need to be green will be totally voluntary, but we’ve had a great response on the cycle-to-work scheme, and now there are hundreds of bikes all round our offices.”