Mixed fortunes in North West counsel salary stakes

The Average salary for in-house lawyers in the North West is on the rise, with the maximum salaries for three year-PQE in-house lawyers having increased by more than 30 per cent since 2005.

According to research by BCL Legal, the maximum current salary for a three year-PQE in-house lawyer in the North West is £61,000. This represents an increase of £14,425 on the maximum salary of £46,575 in 2005.

This year, out of the 110 respondents surveyed, the survey shows that in-house lawyers with one year’s PQE can expect to take home an average salary of £35,000, an increase of £3,000 from 2005. The figures include basic salary, car allowance and any bonus payments.

However, according to the survey, from four years’ PQE onwards the maximum salary for in-house lawyers in the region has decreased over the last year. The figures show that in 2006, at four years’ PQE, an in-house lawyer in the North West could expect to earn a maximum salary of £66,000.

This year the maximum salary has decreased by £10,000 to £56,000. Likewise, this year the maximum salary for a six year-PQE in-house lawyer is £70,000, whereas last year the figures show that the maximum salary was £88,000.