Business or pleasure?

As property lawyers gear themselves up for the sun, sea and seminar fest that is Mipim, Tulkinghorn was reminded of one lawyer who will be a bit more cautious when handing out his business cards this year.

As Tulkinghorn has always been of the firm belief that what goes on tour, stays on tour, he will not name the lawyer who is the subject of the story, but shall call him Jonathan.

Now Jonathan was a great believer in the scatter-gun approach to collecting clients, thinking that if one spreads one's business cards widely enough, a client is sure to enter one's clutches.

Upon entering The Martinez hotel's bar, which was full of lawyers and clients, Jonathan started distributing his cards and talking the talk. He was delighted when two potential clients selflessly introduced him to two women sitting near the bar. Unaware that the women were, in fact, ladies of the night, Jonathan took a seat in full view of everyone entering the room and proceeded to inform them of how wonderful his firm was.

Feeling rather pleased with the rapt attention he was receiving, he handed them one of the special cards he had printed for Mipim, complete with his hotel room number.

Upon leaving the party, he was somewhat surprised when the women suggested that they should continue their chat upstairs, and even more surprised when they both turned up eager to return the favour and show him exactly what they had to offer in the way of added-value services.

As all the best tabloids say, Jonathan made his excuses…