Scottish players

Ask a Scottish lawyer about chancery, and they might think it is the noun equivalent for 'chancing' as in 'chancing your arm'.

All disputes in Scotland which involve 'chancery' matters go to the Court of Session, with no distinction between what in England is the Chancery Division and the Queen's Bench Division. It is the large metropolitan firms in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen which administer the large trusts.

And Scottish solicitors tend not to refer to counsel as often as their English counterparts.

Despite this, when a Scottish lawyer is looking for a trusts and tax expert, the names mentioned are: Philip Brodie QC who is consulted “in the more contentious matters”; James McNeill QC; Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw, “very knowledgeable on succession law”; Colin Tyre who is “certainly up and coming, especially knowledgeable in tax”; William Nimmo Smith; Drummond Young; and Fiona Reith.