Document Storage package wins US market acclaim

Helen Sage reports

YMIJS computer systems, maker of R/KYV document management system widely used by lawyers, is to move into the US market.

It has appointed David Douglas as head of its US operation in San Francisco.

The R/KYV product is a PC text and image retrieval system which operates in the Windows environment.

Douglas has previously worked on several major document management contracts incorporating R/KYV, including one for the US Airforce in Nevada.

Bill Cannings, managing director of YMIJS, said that although the US market is already saturated with computers, he believes there is a place for R/KYV. "This may seem a bit like selling coal to Newcastle but our move is based purely on requests from the market," he said.

"R/KYV has become the de facto standard for lawyers here and just about every month we are sending somebody off to the US to work on a major piece of international litigation."

YMIJS's largest customer in the UK is City firm Norton Rose, where lawyers can access the system from their desktop PCs. The firm has also been able to install R/KYV in clients' offices overseas on a data entry-only basis.

Litigation support manager, Wendy Keefe said: "This gives us total access to the client's documents without having to physically move them, which is of course more cost effective from the client's point of view."