Tax gets cheaper

Tulkinghorn was delighted to be invited recently to one of the legal calendar’s social highlights, Clifford Chance‘s Chanukah party.

The fine wine and conversation were both in full flow when one of Tulkinghorn’s female scribes, who had accompanied him to the Guildhall-based bash, was accosted by a couple of tax lawyers. It seems they had become a bit over-excited by a leader in The Lawyer which said tax was “sexy”.

To prove his sex-god credentials, this particular tax lawyer regaled the throng with the story of how he had obtained the phone number of former nurse-turned-red-top-regular Abi Titmuss at a recent party. Knowing Miss Titmuss’s fondness for filming her exploits, let’s hope the young fellow put a quick end to the association. Unless, of course, she was after advice on her receivables?