Much more to marketing

Delia Venables' article on client databases (The Lawyer, 29 November) presents a very simplistic view of marketing and marketing systems.

There is a lot more to marketing than simply selling more services to existing clients, however important that might be. It is not simply a question of sending out mail shots. Marketing is, amongst other things, about nurturing relationships.

A good marketing system should be able to hold details of contacts other than clients, such as bank managers, golfing partners, co-members of the Chambers of Commerce etc, as well as existing and past clients. It should be able to maintain details of each contact's interests.

When the firm arranges its next marketing event, be it a humble or a grand event, the system will be able to suggest which clients and contacts should be invited.

Of course, such a system requires a lot of effort in maintaining the details, but the rewards can be well worth it.

Graham Irwin

Irwin Associates


Bedford MK44 2NJ