LAW Society President Charles Elly will receive u45,750 remuneration as the first senior office-holder to be compensated for his contribution to the society.

Elly originally stood to receive u90,000 – the salary of a High Court judge – to cover fees lost by his practice during his time as president. However, the figure was slashed by half last week after a postal ballot of members voted overwhelmingly against it.

Vice president John Young and deputy vice president Henry Hodge will receive 50 and 25 per cent of the president’s figure respectively.

The ballot, which was carried out during the past six weeks, ended with a 14,715 to 6,837 call to halve the payout. It is understood council members, who heard the official announcement last Thursday, have agreed not to discuss the issue publicly.

The u45,750 figure was set after Vizards partner Michael Ellman proposed a payment in accordance with the rate for 1,000 hours on legal aid under the Green Form scheme.

Ellman says the decision to accept the reduced figure “reflects the feeling of colleagues up and down the country”.