Hot Rod

Tulkinghorn has never been one to namedrop, but since starting this column, let's say he's found himself moving in some pretty glamorous circles. If the 3am Girls are there, you can bet Tulkinghorn won't be far away… even if it is in the old man's pub around the corner.
So it was on the party circuit recently that he heard a funny tale about Slaughter and May senior solicitor Graham Lancaster, father of gorgeous photographer Penny Lancaster, who in turn is the beau of Rod Stewart.
Graham and Rod seem to be on pretty good terms. The rocker has even brought Slaughters to a standstill before now by popping in to say hello. But Rod's good nature may just have been pushed a little too far. Apparently, Graham is rather partial to borrowing Rod's Lamborghini. One little bird tells us that he was spotted in the Slaughters car park touching up a wee scratch to the paintwork with a spot of nail varnish. Surely not.