White & Case lawyer imprisoned for fraud

A former White & Case lawyer has been sent to a boot camp in Buffalo after stealing over $111,000 from the firm.

Jennifer Hampton pleaded guilty to first degree fraud and second degree grand larceny after charging $111,9913 in personal expenses to her corporate American Express card and for helping to defraud investors of over $260,000.

According to the New York Lawyer, Hampton and her boyfriend Anthony Burges launched a currency trading scheme that saw a number of investors, including former White & Case staff, invest large amounts of money.

However, it appears that the couple used the money to finance a lavish lifestyle.

Hampton was sentenced to one and a half years to four years, which she will serve at the Lakeview Shock Incarceration Correctional Facility based in Buffalo.

White & Case confronted Hampton after being alerted to the fraud and she was dismissed following the discovery of a Securities and Exchange Commission case against Burges.