Shoe horn

When it comes to throwing press and client parties, law firms could do with taking a leaf out Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker’s book.
The US law firm arranged an absolutely fabulous evening at London fashion emporium LK Bennett, where lucky ladies (and a couple of shell-shocked gentlemen) enjoyed a sneak preview of the shop’s spring/summer collection.

After sampling fine champagne and delicious canapés, all were treated to a pre-fashion talk by an LK Bennett representative. The lovely lady informed everyone that this season we should “think pink”; if we didn’t want to wear patterns near our face “we could wear them down below”; and that shoes could be “high ones, flat ones, some as big as your head”.

Okay, Tulkinghorn made that last one up – but it just shows that, with a bit of imagination and creativity, law firms can arrange enjoyable and fun evenings, as opposed to the usual affairs, where soggy food, cheap wine and mental abuse inflicted by yipping PR monkeys is the order of the day.

Paul Hastings has shown the way. But if it had only thrown in a few freebie pairs of LKBs as little going-home gifts to score more than a few Brownie points with Mrs Tulkinghorn… Now that would have been a party.