Of ice and men

When rumours reached The Lawyer newsdesk that a masked man wielding a large stick had been spotted in the offices of Ashurst, Tulkinghorn felt the need to investigate.

As it turned out, there was truth to the rumour: the masked man in question was, in fact, Ashurst lawyer Ian Warner. However, the reason for his paraphernalia is somewhat less sinister than Tulkinghorn first anticipated: Warner is something of an ice sledge hockey (essentially ice-hockey played on sledges) fanatic.

Ice sledge hockey, still a relatively new team sport, was originally designed for athletes with a physical disability, but these days it is played by people of any ability. Athletes sit on a specially designed sled fitted with skate blades and handle the puck with two sticks, allowing them rapid mobility, dynamic handling and accurate shooting.

Warner, an Ashurst corporate associate, is currently in Örnsköldsvik in Sweden captaining the UK sledge hockey team at the third IPC Ice Sledge Hockey World Championships. The competition ends on 24 April, and Tulkinghorn wishes Warner and his team all the best.

He would also like to offer these words of advice to any potentially stroppy legal opponent of Warner’s: while the mask and stick may be purely for sporting reasons, those who find themselves on the other side of a deal from the ice sledge hockey star should probably tread with caution.