Reaching out to the regions

The provincial criminal bar comes highly recommended by solicitors across the country, who consistently highlight the ability of barristers from North to South to prepare immaculately and deal well with difficult clients. Only firms in the South East regularly took cases to London chambers.
The criminal bar in Wales is very strong. Local solicitors say a good service is always offered at 9 Park Place in Cardiff, the chambers of Ian Murphy QC. Susan Ferrier “has a nice manner with clients and is succinct and to the point”; Keith Thomas stands out as “very experienced” and David Elias is commended for being “academically sound”.
At 30 Park Place, Marian Lewis is “excellent for rape and abuse cases”, while David Aubrey QC, head of 32 Park Place, is mentioned as “a very good communicator who prepares thoroughly and is liked by juries”. At 33 Park Place, John Charles Rees QC is “bullish and a strong advocate”.
In Bristol, head of St John's Chambers Roderick Denyer QC “leads well and gets very good results”. At the same set, Simon Morgan is acclaimed as “incredibly conscientious and very experienced at dealing with difficult clients” and Simon Goodman is described as “a lawyer's lawyer who is highly approachable”.
Stephen Mooney at nearby Albion Chambers is singled out for “a good knowledge of youths and an understanding manner with clients”, and Michael Fitton also gets several recommendations.
In Northampton, Stuart Yeung at 22 and 23 Albion Place is described as reliable and “a very good barrister in all areas of criminal law”.
And Leonard Smith at De Montfort Chambers in Leicester is rated as “a highly experienced barrister who is excellent for heavyweight cases”.
In Nottingham's No 1 High Pavement, Shaun Smith is “a good criminal lawyer”; Clive Stockwell is “of sound ability” and Richard Thatcher is described as “a competent young barrister”. And Ian Way, of King Charles House, is recommended as “a very good all-rounder”.
In Birmingham, Anthony Muller and Mark Wall of 4 Fountain Court are “quite simply Birmingham's two leading junior barristers”, according to one solicitor.
In Norwich, Octagon House Chambers is home to Michael Clare, described as “a good all-rounder with a lot of experience and a lot of good contacts”. Guy Ayers, Ian James and Andrew Oliver are also “all very good”. And over at East Anglian Chambers, Marika Bell stands out as “excellent in matters involving either the cross-examination of children or sensitive family matters”.
Meanwhile, at 24A St John Street in Manchester, David Bruce “covers most things and is quite senior”, while Anthony Eyers is “a very good up-and-coming young barrister”. Martin Littler at Cobden House Chambers is “excellent on all aspects of crime”, and Philip Cattan at 28 St John Street also comes highly recommended.
Nearby, James Gregory at Lincoln House Chambers is well regarded for his work on fraud cases.
In Liverpool, David Williams at Chavasse Court Chambers is “very experienced”, with a “very good court manner”. “He was one of the juniors in the Bulger case, and really he is the best of the lot,” says one solicitor. At nearby 25-27 Castle Street, Pamela Badley is repeatedly recommended as “a very good criminal barrister”.
At Park Court Chambers in Leeds, head of chambers James Stewart QC and his colleague Michael Harrison QC are described as “the best two QCs defence-wise, with superb communication skills in conference with clients”.
Gerald Lumley of 9 Woodhouse Square is renowned for “painstaking preparation” and Bryan Cox is also highly recommended.
At St Paul's Chambers, Simon Bickler is “brilliant in conference and a real trier”, while Jeremy Barnett is “very good on fraud cases and does sound preparatory work”. Jonathan Rose, Christopher Batty and Andrew Stubbs are “all very good criminal practitioners”.
Jeffrey Clarke, of Nicholas Street Chambers in Chester, is described as “a very good communicator at all levels, with wide-ranging experience”.
And, at Broadway House in Bradford, Graham Hyland QC is recommended as “a brilliant cross-examiner” and Roger Thomas, Nicola Saskins and Ian Howard are all highly regarded.