Mystery duo in Iron Trades panel advice

Iron Trades is narrowing the final numbers on its legal panel – by taking advice from two mystery law firms.
The insurance giant has already cut its panel of over 40 firms by half, by reviewing detailed questionnaires to eliminate solicitors not meeting its strict criteria.
Ashton West, general manager of claims, says two firms have been chosen to help “develop the final review”.
He says: “We have identified two firms that are contrasting and complementary to help in the process.” However, he refused to name the firms.
The selection process will be achieved in two stages, the first having already been completed, and will be announced by the end of May.
But West confesses: “We should have had this completed by the end of last year, we have slipped considerably.”
Outlining the criteria for first-stage selection, West says firms were chosen on the percentage of turnover Iron Trades' business represented within the partnership.
“It was important that firms did not solely rely on this work,” he says.