Gender balance at Denton Hall

Last week's letter "Women should stick together" calls into question Denton Hall's commitment to women solicitors. As your article on 29 March stated, Denton Hall in fact has a very good record here:

The number of female partners at Denton Hall (35 out of 108) already constitutes a better ration than many other well known City law firms.

There are six female partners who are either part-time of work from home for one or two days a week.

The Board has voted for a new policy which aims to accommodate those who wish to work part time because of their family commitments. This policy was written by Virginia Glastonbury.

In our UK offices there are currently more female assistants at Denton than there are male (95 against 84) and the firm is committed to maintaining a good balance at all levels.

Will Hulbert, PR manager

Denton Hall