Bevan Ashford wins RDA work

Nabarro Nathanson and Eversheds have lost out on work in the South West to rival firm Bevan Ashford, in the ongoing scramble for Regional Development Agency (RDA) legal work.
Bevan Ashford's win comes as a team from its Bristol and Exeter offices battles with Nabarros for the Cornwall County Council contract. Nabarros was appointed sole adviser to the South East RDA in March.
Bevan Ashford's success coincides with the revelation of “occasional” internal confusion over PFI tenders. The firm admitted to The Lawyer that on former bids different offices within the firm had occasionally pitched against each other.
A spokesperson confirms: “There has been miscommunication between various offices occasionally.”
The South West RDA will instruct Bevan Ashford's Cardiff, Bristol and Plymouth offices, led by George Wilkinson in Plymouth and Nigel Campbell in Bristol.
Following the 1998 Regional Development Agencies Act which divided the country into eight regions, Bevan Ashford advised on the South West RDA's acquisition of the West of England Development Agency (WEDA), to form what is now known as SWEDA.
Although there has been a substantial increase in work arising from the government initiatives, according to one source there is still fierce competition between the top firms.
A Bevan Ashford rival says that the number of invitations to tender which are received every week have doubled over the past year.