Hill Dickinson strengthens with reunification” />In 1989, shipping firm Hill Dickinson broke up and became two firms. Hill Dickinson looked to grow and diversify in the North West, while Hill Taylor Dickinson wanted to concentrate on expanding its international marine practice.

Earlier this month (7 September) the two firms announced that they were merging, in order for Hill Taylor Dickinson to diversify and for Hill Dickinson to bolster London.

The interim period has been kind to Hill Dickinson, which has established itself firmly as a major player in Liverpool. The firm took advantage of Liverpool’s maritime past and is now building on its commercial present with work on property and other areas in the city.

However, the firm wants to be a national player and has recognised that it needs more critical mass in London. Hence the Hill Taylor Dickinson tie-up, which instantly doubles the size of the firm’s London office as well as adding a branch in Piraeus and an association with a firm in Odessa.

The newly enlarged Hill Dickinson, dropping the ‘Taylor’, will still be managed by the firm’s Liverpool-based managing partner Peter Jackson. Like Halliwells after its recent expansion burst, Hill Dickinson is keeping its centre of power firmly in the North.