Explosion forces B&M relocation

Baker & McKenzie Consultants, the Indonesian arm of the US firm, has been forced to open a temporary operations centre following the explosion of a bomb at the Jakarta Stock Exchange.

The car bomb, which exploded on Wednesday evening (13 September) and which killed 15 people and injured more than 30, was placed in the underground car park at the exchange. Trading was suspended following the incident.

The twin-towered building houses numerous law firms and consultants, including Hadiputranto Hadinoto & Partners (HH&P), a correspondent firm of Baker & McKenzie. HH&P was also forced to suspend operations and close its office following the explosion.

A source at Baker & McKenzie says: “Thankfully, no staff have been injured and, as I understand it, police have sealed off the building for investigation. We’ve set up a temporary operational centre so that business can continue as normal.”

The majority of those killed were drivers waiting in the car park for passengers. While initial intentions were to reopen on Friday, this has now been extended, and it is unclear when staff will be allowed back to their offices.