Leicester practice in first Bosnia stress case

A FIRM acting on behalf of a soldier suffering from stress because of his inability to help persecuted Bosnian citizens is calling for solicitors handling similar cases to get in touch.

The appeal has been issued by Leicester firm Lawson-West, but it suspects it may have come across the first case of its kind.

The soldier is currently being invalided out of the army allegedly suffering from post traumatic stress disorder stemming from his feeling of helplessness while serving in Bosnia.

It is claimed he was either inadequately trained or did not receive any post-stress counselling, or both.

The firm's senior partner Keith Lawson-West said: “This does not stem from the trauma of combat. It is more from witnessing human suffering which he was in a position to do nothing about. He was trained for combat.”

Although there are hundreds of former Gulf War soldiers lining up to sue the Ministry of Defence, Hilary Meredith, co-chair of the Gulf War Solicitors' Action Group, said she was unaware of any cases arising from Bosnia.

“The conflict there is still relatively new. It takes a while for post traumatic stress syndrome to emerge,” she said.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “Every unit that goes to Bosnia has several days' worth of briefings on the implications of serving there and the medical problems that can arise are included in that.”

He added he would be very surprised if counselling had not been made available to the soldier.