A personal injury accident is heading for the High Court. A doctor who fell off a ladder as he climbed into his car on a garage ramp has launched a damages claim against the garage owners. Dr Andreas Angelides, 55, says he wanted to get documents from his car while it was being serviced at Master Car Services of London N19, and asked staff to get them out of the vehicle. However, he alleges that instead of getting them, the staff told him to climb a ladder to get the documents from the car himself, even though the car was two metres up on a mechanical ramp. He claims that as he climbed down the ladder after going up to the car the ladder slipped on oil or some other substance, and that he then fell, fracturing vertebra and receiving other back injuries. He says he has been in constant pain since the accident in July 1996 and has been unable to work as a GP or physician since. He believes it is unlikely he will ever be fit enough to return to work as a GP. He is represented in the claim by Pascalides & Co of London WC1.