C&W shake-up to blame for losses

Communications giant Cable & Wireless is losing another in-house lawyer shortly after the departure of its general counsel.

Legal adviser Bruce Macmillan is moving to ONdigital where he will become a company solicitor.

Elizabeth Wall, former C&W general counsel, joined data network company Equant last month. Her departure from C&W a few months ago is thought to have been linked to an overall shake-up at the company following the appointment of its new chief executive Graham Wallace. He is reported to have changed how C&W's legal department operates, making its global outposts autonomous.

Macmillan was unavailable to comment on the reasons for his departure. But ONdigital sees his arrival as a coup. Marcus Ezekiel, head of legal at ONdigital, says: “He has got some very good solid telecoms and interactive [media] experience. Those are issues that are becoming more and more relevant as convergence happens.”

Macmillan is joining next month as communications companies get ready to offer average households television channels, telephone lines, the internet, and email through one piece of equipment.