That's a bit rich

Oh the irony of it all. In the same week that KPMG-tied firm KLegal decided the fate of 30 trainees by pulling their names out of a hat, Tulkinghorn was surprised to receive a press release from McGrigor Donald, the Scottish firm with which KLegal merged earlier this year, boasting of the success of its trainee lawyer training regime.

It would seem that McGrigors has become the first firm to achieve full accreditation from the Law Society of Scotland for its Professional Competence Course, a compulsory qualification brought in for trainee lawyers last year. But as 30 KLegal trainees from Scotland and London have just been packed off for a year with a mere £2,500 to their name, McGrigors partner Christine McLinktock sounded unkind when she said that the new accreditation “should help us continue to attract and retain the highest calibre of graduates”. Ouch.