Matrix takes on CND battle over Iraq

The chambers of Cherie Booth QC has been instructed by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) to challenge the Government over Iraq

Rabinder Singh QC and Charlotte Kilroy of Matrix together with Michael Fordham of Blackstone Chambers have submitted that UN Security Council Resolution (SCR) 1441 does not authorise the use of force by UN member states.

A letter and opinion written by Singh and Kilroy was sent to the Government today, warning that CND will take legal action unless a written guarantee is given within 7 days that the UK will not use armed force against Iraq without a further SCR.

The UK would be in breach of international law if it used force against Iraq while relying on the resolution, the opinion says.

Paragraph 13 of the SCR states that Iraq will face “serious consequences” if it violates its international obligations. But CND argues that force cannot be used without a further SCR.