'Crash' course in management

There's nothing like a good conference to get Tulkinghorn out of the office and into some swanky hotel, especially if there's lunch thrown in for good measure. But he was stunned by one speaker in the line-up for a best practice conference in January.

None other than Morgan Cole chief executive David Main will be exploring “the drivers for change and the challenges in implementing a change management programme within a partnership environment”.

When it comes to challenges, he must be spoilt for choice for case studies. There's the recent split of Morgan Cole and Fishburn Boxer because the merger didn't work and the firm's bizarre injunction against former insurance head Ian Tenquist, believed to relate to his plans to leave and take part of the practice with him. And that's just for starters.

Perhaps he'll instead choose to discuss the firm's staggering rate of departures and disappointing profit levels since the 1998 merger of Cole & Cole and Morgan Bruce. Or there's the breakaway lawyers in Swansea, who have successfully set up their own firm Morgan LaRoche. Should make for an interesting speech.

Now Tulkinghorn just has to persuade his employers to stump up the £2,295 for the conference and post-conference workshop so that he can hear these nuggets of gold.