Weightmans delays 2009 promotions

Weightmans has pushed back its 2009 promotions from May to November, with managing partner Patrick Gaul citing the need to give the process more time.

Gaul said: “We face a concertina of issues to deal with around April/May and we need more time to look at each case.”

In September any senior associate or fixed-share partner will be able to apply to be made up to the respective fixed-share or equity positions. The firm typically has 10 applications to each of these groups, half of which are interviewed. New promotions will be effective from 1 November.

The firm generated a turnover of £52m in the 2008-09 financial year – a 4 per cent rise on the previous year. Gaul said Weightmans could do better and is aiming for 8 per cent growth in 2009-10.