Very taxing

As beloved as those technical intricacies and the minutiae of a contract may be to many lawyers, there are few among you who would say: “Tax is sexy, tax is cool.” So what chance a tutor to convince his students of just that?
Well, it seems that the College of Law in York has a wizard of motivation within its ranks. So enthused was Legal Practice Course student Simon Lee about the delights of tax that he wrote a poem about it. Tulkinghorn was so astonished that he is delighted to reproduce it here, in the hope that a graduate recruitment head will see the obvious promise of this young man and look to realise his potential by offering him a training contract. Be warned, however: with talent such as his, he may already have been snapped up.
The Joys of Tax
The Inland Revenue is watching you.
This is true, for tax is always due.
But it doesn't mean that we can't enjoy ourselves,
Indulge ourselves,
In our taxation calculations:
Shapely figures dancing, undulating,
Stimulating my imagination –
I'm into tax avoidance, not evasion.
Rumbustious reliefs electrify my mind,
To the point I find I start to daydream.
It seems the figures ferment:
Is it meant to be, between you and me?
Come join me in tax extasy [sic].
Indulge me, and hold over my gain,
While we roll over again.
I wake up.
In the distance, I hear the taper of tiny feet.
The rain beats gently against the windowpane,
And I look at my self-assessment form again.
I live for tax,
I work for tax,
For tax I yearn,
But will the magic ever return?