PwC Legal appoints replacement chair

The Australian legal arm of accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has appointed Michael Daniel as its new chairman following the departure of John Churchill four months ago

Daniel is a partner in the litigation department of PwC Legal, where he specialises in commercial and regulatory litigation. He was elected unanimously as the new chairman of the board after Churchill left the firm to pursue interests outside the law.
Following various delays to the vote after the firm's Christmas holiday, Daniel will take up the new post immediately.
Like PwC UK's Landwell arm, which gets about 95 per cent of its work from the accountants, PwC Legal takes the majority of its work on referral from its accounting parent. Daniel, however, denies that the problems Andersen has experienced over Enron in the US will deter clients from using multidisciplinary practices.
Daniel intends to conduct a strategic review of PwC Legal's practice areas before targeting those he wants to expand. The corporate and commercial practice is already slated for a significant expansion.
Also on the agenda are two new Australian offices, first in Brisbane and then in Perth.