McGrigors loses Lockerbie ace

McGrigor Donald has lost Eddie MacKechnie, the partner who led the team defending Al Amin Khalifa Fhima, the defendant who was cleared of the Lockerbie bombing

Fhima was cleared of accusations that he had taken part in the Lockerbie bombing in February 2001. His co-accused Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi lost his appeal against conviction last Thursday (14 March).

MacKechnie and civil silk Richard Keen QC, both non-criminal lawyers, proved a winning team

Al Megrahi was defended by Scottish criminal firm McCourts. Before McGrigors became involved, McCourts was handling the defence for both Fhima and Al Megrahi. When it became clear that Fhima would need his own lawyers, McGrigors was brought in.
MacKechnie is a civil litigator by training and specialised mainly in construction law before the Lockerbie case.
MacKechnie was highly acclaimed for his work for Fhima. He also used civil silk Richard Keen QC, but the two non-criminal lawyers proved a winning team.
McGrigors lawyers said that MacKechnie's whereabouts are not known at present. A McGrigors colleague said he may be on a break between jobs in South Africa, and agreed that it was likely he would surface at another law firm. Another senior Scottish source told The Lawyer that MacKechnie is likely to join a City firm.