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Who should pay for fire safety building remediation costs?

In December 2020, we reported on the vote by the House of Lords on amendments to the Fire Safety Bill relating to the remediation costs associated with the replacement of the dangerous cladding panels and other fire safety defects. Both the Fire Safety Bill and the Building Safety Bill are anticipated to come into effect early this year.

‘Diversity is a given, Inclusion is a choice’ – actionable ideas

In our 3rd blog in the series, ‘Diversity is given, Inclusion is a choice’, Annelieke Jense and Frouke Horstmann provide practical ways based on their experience working with clients on how organisations can create a true inclusive culture by installing processes that mitigate unconscious biases.


'Conveyancers will get it in the neck if this goes ahead'

LAST summer a group of solicitors in Burnley got together to thrash out a set of guideline conveyancing fees. They are now being investigated by the Office of Fair Trading for alleged fee fixing, although Burnley and Pendle Law Society is confident it has done nothing wrong. It was, after all, following the Law Society’s […]

For whom the dinner bell tolls

THE AGE-old tradition requiring would-be barristers to attend term dinners is in line for a major shake-up which could even herald its demise. An Inns of Court working party report on plans to deregulate training and defer call to the Bar recommends a reduction in the number of dinners students have to have from 18 […]

Women's law event presses for equality

THE FOLLOW-UP to last year’s controversial ‘Woman Lawyer’ event promises to go much further in promoting the position of women in the legal profession. This year’s conference, ‘Woman Lawyer II’ which takes place on 20 April, hosts a range of leading barristers and solicitors who are directly involved in the equality debate. Chair of the […]

Storm over CPS training 'agenda'

A CPS hidden agenda to use law clerks as magistrates court prosecutors to save money and secure greater staff loyalty has been claimed by a former crown prosecutor. Barrister Neil Addison claims he was shown internal CPS documents which complain the requirement for all prosecutors to be lawyers is “unnecessarily expensive”. According to Addison, the […]

UK lawyers could lose out in Hong Kong practice rule change

UK lawyers may find it more difficult to practise in Hong Kong following a review by the Hong Kong law society’s standing committee on standards and development. The law society’s director of standards and development, Margaret Hill, said overseas lawyers generally had to sit a series of examinations before being able to practise Hong Kong […]

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