Contractors sound off at profession

BUILDING lawyers have received a pasting for being expensive, unprofessional and superior in a poll of the UK's major contractors.

A “deep dissatisfaction” with the legal profession is displayed in the survey in the New Civil Engineer magazine.

The magazine questioned the country's top 60 contractors on their attitude towards their lawyers. Cost was a common bone of contention in the replies with anger the most common emotion displayed by the builders.

“They are all too expensive, without exception,” said one executive. “We use a local firm as well as national ones, but even the local one is far too costly, although we think it is better value for money.

“I am also extremely unhappy with the fact they are relatively unaccountable. Indeed, if they do an inefficient and bad job that will usually earn them more money.”

Another company was more blunt.”We are not here to be ripped off,” it said.