Butler-Sloss gives AWB her seal of approval

AN UPBEAT verdict has been pronounced by the UK's leading woman judge on the progress made by the Bar's women's group since it was founded five years ago.

Appeal Court judge Lady Justice Butler-Sloss was one of the guests at the Association of Women Barristers' fifth anniversary celebrations held last month.

She told the group it had gone from "strength to strength" during its five years in existence.

Her encouragement came at the close of the group's annual dinner last month when it welcomed Secretary of State for Education Gillian Shepherd as the guest speaker.

Shepherd, who set up her own working party on women's issues when she became a Minister, said: "Organisations like yours strike a blow for professional women."

Among future projects being undertaken by the AWB is an investigation into judicial selection procedures.

The group wants to assist Parliament's home affairs select committee which has called for evidence on the influence of freemasonry on the legal profession.

The committee is planning to hear oral evidence on the issue this summer.